Advice For New Parents

Written by Christa Gatewood
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One of the most important things new parents should know is how to regulate the sleep patterns of their baby right from the beginning. It's easier to teach children good habits than it is to correct bad ones. Getting a baby to sleep through the night is invaluable to the child and the parents alike.

The first thing a new parent should know is that in the beginning when the baby first comes home, there is nothing to be done to control when a baby will sleep. Babies will sleep whenever and wherever they want to in the first days and even months of life. So, it is a good rule of thumb to try to sleep when the baby sleeps because you will not get him/her to sleep when you want to sleep.

Starting Good Sleeping Habits Early in Life

There is much dissent in opinion about how to get a child to fall asleep and to sleep through the night. Some experts advocate letting a baby "cry it out" until they go to sleep. Other experts favor continuous encouragement of a baby while he/she is falling asleep. Whatever method a parent chooses is ultimately a personal decision, but there are some tips most experts can agree on that can help make the bedtime routine easier.

One of such tips is the tried and true security object. All children can remember the blanket or stuffed animal or pillow that they simply could not sleep without. This is actually an effective tool in creating good sleep habits in a baby. Babies can learn to associate this object with sleep time and it can provide much comfort.

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