Anonymous Ovum Donation

Written by Will Baum
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Anonymous ovum donation allows a woman to donate her eggs to couples having difficulty conceiving a child without having to stay connected with the couple that receives the donation or with the child that results. Anonymous ovum donation is a selfless act that helps others experience the joy of parenting for themselves.

Some top fertility centers screen their egg donors, whether or not they want to remain anonymous. Many parents these days seek sperm and egg donors who have exhibited traits they are hoping to see in their child. These "extraordinary donors" are vetted based on various standardized test scores (such as the SAT, GRE, and other graduate exams), on level of education, and other factors. Their health must be untroubled. Recipients of extraordinary donor sperm or eggs hope to take a certain amount of guesswork out of the wild, uncontrollable circumstance that is parenthood.

The saying is, "The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree." If you want your child to be brilliant, try to find a brilliant donor. The other saying is, "If you want to see what a woman will be like in the future, look at her mother." Obviously, genes determine who we are and what we can achieve to some considerable degree. But good parenting must not be discounted. Creating a baby genius doesn't work if the baby is locked in a cellar like the author of "A Child Called 'It'."

Anonymous Ovum Donations and the Future

Making anonymous ovum donations is a serious commitment. Donors may find later that they are curious about the child or children that resulted from their donation. But they have signed away their rights to pursue this knowledge. Finding a professional fertility clinic to handle the entire process--legal, psychological, and medical--is the way to start down this road.

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