Baby Colic Treatments

Written by Amy Hall
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If your baby is suffering from colic symptoms, and spends hours crying and in pain, chances are you are looking for some baby colic treatments that will help. Parents are in for a rough ride when their baby displays signs of infantile colic, which can show its head around two to four weeks of age. Unfortunately, there are no definitive causes of colic, and it can last until the baby is three to six months of age on average!

You can often hear parents-to-be joke and say things like, "we can handle anything, but please don't let us have a colicky baby." Colic is serious, and it does not just affect the newborn. Parents, caregivers, and other siblings all feel the stress that colic brings, as it can mentally and physically be a challenge to care for a baby with colic. Endless hours of crying and screaming are enough to make anyone want to crawl in bed and pull the blankets up over their heads.

Effective Baby Colic Treatments

While you may not know what is causing your child to scream, you can take comfort in knowing that there are some great baby colic treatments on the market that work. First and foremost, you can try some all-natural gripe water for colic. The ingredients in gripe water are excellent at soothing digestional discomfort caused by gas and cramping.

You may also find that a warm bath, followed by massage soothes your baby considerably. Many babies also derive comfort from constant motion, so a car trip, a ride in the stroller, or being rocked in a swing or chair, may also help. Finally, you can try some soft music while you simply hold your baby close to you. Sometimes just your touch can make all the difference in the world.

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