Baby Gas Medicine

Written by Amy Hall
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Baby gas medicine has long been turned to for help with infantile colic. Parents all over the world have had to deal with this newborn affliction for years, without really knowing what the causes of colic are. This can be especially frustrating if you have had little to no sleep in days, and nothing you try seems to bring any colic relief to your baby.

If your baby cries for three or more hours a day, three or more days a week, he or she most likely suffers from colic. Colic affects roughly 20% of newborns, with it making no distinction between boys or girls. Some medical professionals believe colic is the result of an immature digestive system, while others believe it is a combination of temperament, an immature nervous system, and the environment.

Baby Gas Medicine for Belly Pain

However, most parents will tell you that their baby acts as if they are in pain. If your newborn pulls his legs into his chest, if his face turns beet red, and he passes gas frequently, these are signs that he may be experiencing abdominal distress. Baby gas medicine in the form of liquid drops can help alleviate painful gas that causes bloating and cramps.

Baby gripe water is an all-natural remedy that contains ingredients such as fennel, ginger, and refined charcoal, all of which are proven aids in digestion and gas relief. Other colic drops contain the ingredient, Dimeticone, which also breaks up trapped gas. You can administer baby gas medicine either before or after feeding your baby, to help prevent gas from forming in the first place.

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