Baby Gas Problems

Written by Amy Hall
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Baby gas problems are really not all that uncommon. However, there is a distinct difference between a baby who gets an upset belly occasionally, and a baby who cried for hours on end, three or more days a week. If your baby cries for at least three hours a day, for three or more days a week, he most likely has infantile colic.

The frustrating thing about colic is that there are no known causes, which means you have no where to place the blame. It is important for parents to realize that they have in no way caused their baby to develop colic symptoms, and therefore they should not feel guilty for this problem. Caring for a colicky baby takes a wealth of patience that can be difficult to come up with when you are functioning on little to no sleep.

Get Rid of Baby Gas Problems

There could be a few culprits that are causing baby gas problems in your infant. Before you administer any over-the-counter medications, check with your pediatrician if gas is a problem. Your doctor may recommend that you switch to a different formula, or that you eliminate certain foods from your diet if you are breast feeding.

However, if colic is the issue at hand, you might want to try baby gripe water for colic. Gripe water contains all natural ingredients that are known to help reduce baby gas problems in infants with colic. You can also try massage, warm baths, swaddling, as well as the old standby, a long car ride.

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