Baby Gas Remedies

Written by Amy Hall
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Baby gas remedies are a must if your newborn suffers from infantile colic. More than likely, your newborn has colic if he cries for more than three hours at a time, for three or more days a week. Colic symptoms pretty much consist of crying for hours on end, pulling the legs into the chest, a red face, and excessive flatulence.

The causes of colic are still not known, though there are some theories that pinpoint an immature digestive system as the culprit. This can seem especially true if your baby seems more upset right after eating, with painful cramping and bloating associated with trapped gas. Fortunately, there are some very effective baby gas remedies that bring soothing relief to infants with colic.

Tried and True Baby Gas Remedies

The most popular baby gas remedies on the market today are baby gripe water, which contains all-natural ingredients, and baby colic drops made with Dimeticone. Dimeticone is an ingredient that effectively breaks up trapped gas which can be responsible for painful cramping and bloating. Common ingredients in baby gripe water for colic include ginger, fennel, and refined charcoal, along with some other natural substances that aid in digestion.

Colic can be equally frustrating for parents and caregivers as it is for the baby. If you are caring for a colicky baby, it is essential that you get time to yourself every day, to relax (if possible), and do something good for yourself, like go for a walk or take a yoga class. If you don't take time to recharge your battery, you will not be able to effectively help your newborn baby.

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