Baby Ultrasound Dopplers

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Baby ultrasound Dopplers are a special type of fetal monitor that have for years been our link to the life and health status of the fetus as it develops in the womb. Ultrasound monitors are high-tech medical imaging machines that can provide two, three, and four-dimensional scans of the fetus. They also can detect the baby's movements and heartbeat, as well as determine its heart rate.

The importance of ultrasound monitors cannot be underestimated. As anyone who has experienced a pregnancy knows first-hand, it can be stressful as well as joyous. Parents' concerns about the developing baby are common and justified. It's natural for them to worry; since they can't see their baby, they may feel in the dark about their little one's development. Fortunately, medical technology has advanced to the point where more information about the baby can be obtained more quickly and easily than ever before.

Baby Ultrasound Dopplers Give You Comfort

One thing that's changed the face of pregnancy is the availability of baby ultrasound Dopplers for home use. Parents can now have access to the same medical imaging systems as the ones found in their doctor's offices. The difference is, these ultrasound scanners are designed to be extremely user friendly for ordinary parents with no medical training. They're lightweight enough to travel with and require no extra personnel or equipment.

Baby ultrasound Dopplers can be used by the mother herself, unaided. After applying a special conducting gel to her abdomen, she simply slides the probe slowly over the surface of her abdomen. The probe then sends millions of harmless ultrasound waves into her womb, which, upon contact with the fetus, then bounce back into the probe and are read by the machine. The heartbeat can be heard through the Doppler's built-in speakers, and the heart rate will show up on an easy-to-read display.

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