Being A Surrogate Mother

Written by Will Baum
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Being a surrogate mother is a terrific way to share the joy of motherhood with those who unfortunately can't carry a child themselves. Being a surrogate mother is no small commitment. Of course, there are the nine months of pregnancy. There is also the emotional challenge of carrying a baby that you will not raise. Choosing surrogate motherhood requires physical and emotional strength of a high order.

Being a Surrogate Mother: a Selfless Act

No matter how much you are being paid for being a surrogate mother, at some level, there is a spirit of volunteerism and charity inherent in the act. Some of the best, most committed surrogate mothers already have families of their own. They know what it means to go through pregnancy. Even if you love being pregnant and it was the happiest time of your life, it's still difficult.

Pregnancy reshapes your life and it reshapes you. There's exhaustion, morning sickness, and back pain to cope with. Your diet is restricted. No more smoking, no more alcohol, no more late nights. The weight you put on during pregnancy may not come off as easily as weight put on after a little too much ice cream. It's distributed differently. In some cases, it's there to stay.

This isn't meant to discourage you from becoming a surrogate mother. It is meant to praise you if you make the decision to go forward. Generally, women accept the burdens of pregnancy along with its joys, knowing that at the end, they'll have a child to raise and enjoy. Surrogate mothers have a different pride in store. At the end of a pregnancy, they're bringing joy into someone else's life. They're giving them a family of their own.

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