Colic Faqs

Written by Amy Hall
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If your baby seems to be suffering from infantile colic, chances are you want some good, hard colic FAQs. Well, let's start with the bad news. The causes of colic are still not clear, which makes it very difficult for doctors to pinpoint a guaranteed method of treatment that will bring your baby relief.

This can quite understandably be frustrating for you as a parent. When your child seems to be in pain and suffering, you want to know what's causing it. However, there are some good colic FAQs that might help you formulate a plan of attack against this distressing condition. Let's look at what is known about colic.

Important Colic FAQs

First, colic is defined as any baby who cries for three or more hours a day, three or more days per week. Colic usually begins to present itself around weeks two to four of your baby's life, and it can last until your child reaches three to six months of age, and in some cases, even longer. Roughly 20% of babies are afflicted with newborn colic, and there seems to be no discrimination between boys and girls.

The main school of thought is that colic is caused by an immature digestive system, which causes the baby to develop excessive gas, cramping, and bloating. This obviously causes pain for the baby, and the end result is uncontrollable crying. Knowing about colic FAQs can help you figure out a game plan that may help bring some much needed relief to both you and your baby.

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