Egg Donation Agencies

Written by Will Baum
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Egg donation agencies help facilitate the delicate transaction of getting donor eggs to couples in need. Though there are unwanted pregnancies by the thousands happening every day, many couples who are ready to have a child can't get pregnant. After infertility drugs and other options have been explored, the next step is looking for an egg donor. Egg donation agencies take some of the guesswork out of that search.

Egg Donation Agencies Screen Donors

For obvious reasons, getting eggs donated by a random person has limited appeal to prospective parents. An unscreened egg donor could carry genes that are predisposed to any number of diseases and conditions. Some egg donation agencies go further. They help couples imagine who they want their offspring to be.

Genes are the building blocks of life. Everything from looks to weight to intelligence is determined in part by genes. You may not have paid attention during high school biology classes dealing with DNA and RNA. But if you're looking for an egg donor, you're paying attention now.

"How did the donor do in school?" you might ask. "Did she go to college?" "Did she go to graduate school?" Agencies that screen egg donors can answer those questions and go one better. They'll give you grade point averages. They'll give you graduate admission scores. People don't want to parent dunces if it can be avoided. Still, screening egg donors doesn't guarantee anything. Children need loving parenting to thrive. That's something egg donation agencies can't really help with.

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