Extraordinary Egg Donors

Written by Will Baum
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Finding extraordinary egg donors is one way for prospective parents to feel that they are taking some control of who their child will be. Recent trends in science and psychology have reshaped conventional wisdom about identity. Not so long ago, people widely believed that it was the environment that shaped a child. Children were born as blank slates; environment and experience shaped their character and destiny.

Today, as medicine topples mystery after mystery, that as changed. When something as fundamental as depression is being treated with a tiny pill, the thinking has had to turn. Many now believe that genes are more important than ever before imagined. No matter how loving an environment and how perfect an upbringing a child has, if the basic material for happiness and success isn't in the genes, happiness and success are going to be an uphill battle at best.

For this reason and others, people having fertility problems have begun to seek out extraordinary egg donors. Extraordinary egg donors have been screened for specific criteria. Usually educational achievements--SAT scores, grade point averages, and the like--are the simplest way to screen extraordinary egg donors. Given a choice between a certified PhD and the unknown, it's hard to resist the brainy genes.

Extraordinary Egg Donors Controversy

Some disapprove of this method of finding egg donors. It reminds them of eugenics experiments of the early 20th century and of the obsessive drive for genetic purity that has had disastrous consequences with which we are all familiar. Parents have to weigh the options and decide for themselves.

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