Fertility Testing

Written by Will Baum
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Fertility testing is a frightening prospect for some couples who cannot conceive. Even though you know it could be either one of you, you secretly would like to believe that it's not your reproductive ability that is the problem. You've always been healthy. You've taken care of yourself. Well, fertility testing will give you the truth.

Fertility Testing Gets You Answers

Saying "It's no one's fault" doesn't really help. If fertility testing reveals that you are the one with the low sperm count or blocked fallopian tubes, you are bound to feel a certain amount of wounded pride. Though it's pointless to feel that way, it's also only natural. Get the self-pity out of the way and then get started on taking care of the problem.

There are treatments for just about anything that fertility testing discovers. Fertility drugs and procedures, from drugs to IVF to surrogacy, have been used safely and successfully for years. Find a good assisted reproduction center to help you through all your decisions, and keep your eyes on the prize.

The reason you're doing any of this is that you want a child. Parenthood, you know, transforms your life. Suddenly, after looking out for yourself, and maybe for your spouse, everything is turned around. The baby becomes the most important person in the universe. Questions about career and goals and how you spend your free time will all be altered for good. People describe parenthood as simultaneously the most fulfilling and most stressful thing to happen to them. But it's the rare parent who would have it any other way. Undergoing fertility testing is the first step to joining parents with all their woes and all their pride.

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