Fetal Heartbeat Trackers

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Fetal heartbeat trackers, or fetal ultrasound heart monitors, are a great way for expectant parents to keep informed of their unborn baby's general health status. Fetal heart monitors have been standard in prenatal clinics and obstetricians' offices for many years. What's revolutionized the industry is the invention of simplified, yet completely safe, versions for home use.

In-home versions of fetal heartbeat trackers can be used by anybody, regardless of medical knowledge. Of course, all trackers sold by reputable merchants in the U.S. are FDA approved. This means that they've passed all safety requirements set by this federal agency. After decades of rigorous testing, ultrasound has been found to have no adverse effects on either mother or baby.

The Best Fetal Heartbeat Trackers

Fetal heart monitors feature large, easy to read displays so there's no question about what's going on with the baby's heart rate. They should also have comfortable, hand-held probes that the mother can easily use herself, with no outside assistance, pulsing a wide angle of ultrasound waves throughout the womb. The wide angle means less need to shift positions, more ease in locating the baby's heart rate--in essence, less stressful guesswork. Recording capabilities in heart monitors have become standard, enabling parents to record their baby's heart beats for posterity.

Fetal heartbeat trackers are specially designed to be user friendly and portable, easily tucked into a bag for travel outside the home. Some parents bring them along for visits to family and friends, excited to share the joy of hearing their little one's heartbeat. Others bring them on vacation for extra reassurance when they need it. Some mothers even take them to work!

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