Gay Parenting Info

Written by Will Baum
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Getting gay parenting info is the first step to easing your nerves and getting started on the road to parenthood. While the country has its back-and-forth battles about gay marriage, there is little reason you can't skip that step and get on with parenting. Once you have all the gay parenting info you need, you're ready to get started.

Gay Parenting Info and "Pat"

Many couples first consider adoption. There are plenty of kids out there looking for homes. Sometimes, however, being gay becomes an obstacle in adoption. Birth parents may have prejudices that flare up during the emotional adoption decision. Adopting a child from a foreign country can also be difficult.

In Julia Sweeney's one-woman show about adopting, she relays her experience with the Chinese authorities. On the eve of her flight to China to meet her adoptive baby girl, she gets a call from the person handling the adoption. "Are you gay?" Evidently, someone had seen her gender-neutral "Pat" character from Saturday Night Live and decided that her sexuality was an issue. Sweeney was forced to produce proof. She got an affidavit from her ex-husband saying she wasn't gay. Her adoption went forward.

Gay or not, being asked to show proof of your sexuality in order to be allowed to adopt is simply offensive. One way to avoid such obstacles is to steer clear of adoption entirely. Surrogacy is another favored route for gay men who want to become parents. With surrogate motherhood, half of the child's genetic material comes from one of the partners in the couple, which is seen by many as a huge plus. The Internet is a great place to find professionals to answer all your gay parenting info questions.

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