Help Child Sleep

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Children have little tricks to keep themselves from having to go to bed. Why do they hate bedtime so much? There are several reasons why a child will refuse to go to sleep and there are simple solutions to most of them.

A child might be seeking attention when he/she throws a fit at bedtime. When children feel like they are not getting enough attention during the day, they quickly learn that spoiling bedtime means a lot of attention. To a child, even negative attention is attention. Spending quality time with a child during the day can help stave off a bedtime fit.

Tools to Help a Child Sleep

Children can also experience fear about bedtime. Being left alone in a dark room can be scary business, as can nightmares. Parents, however, can adequately reassure a child that they are safe. Leaving the door open or the light on or giving the child a flashlight or "monster spray" can go a long way to allaying those fears. A security object can take the place of needing a parent in the room. A large stuffed animal or a kid-sized body pillow do the trick nicely.

It may be that the child is distracted from sleep by other noises in the house or the neighborhood. Because children go to sleep so early, the house may still be abuzz when they are in bed. One way to mask this noise without having to tiptoe around the house is to buy a sound machine. White noise can block out the other sound in the room and provide a relaxing environment for children and adults alike.

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