Independent Surrogacy

Written by Will Baum
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Independent surrogacy is what some assisted reproduction clinics call surrogacy procedures that don't utilize the clinic's surrogate matching services. In independent surrogacy, a couple finds their own surrogate, not relying on a clinic's screening and matching. Clinics still have a lot to offer in these situations, from counseling to legal assistance to the actual medical work.

Independent Surrogacy Services

Before you get to a doctor's office to begin a surrogate pregnancy, it's important to have all loose ends tied up. Psychological counselors help assure that nothing unexpected happens during the pregnancy. With the unprecedented rush of hormones that comes with pregnancy, some surrogates become attached to the baby inside them much more than they ever anticipated. One simple way to avoid this is to use women who are already mothers as surrogates. If she has kids of her own, a surrogate is unlikely to want to add to her brood.

Regardless of any hormonally influenced urge, if legal papers are drawn up correctly, the surrogate cannot go back on her word. California has an especially strong record when it comes to cases like these. California courts look to the agreements drawn up between prospective parents and surrogate mothers. If the agreements are correctly written, prospective parents can enter a pregnancy without worry.

Finding doctors is the final important step in beginning a surrogate pregnancy. Finding professionals who have long experience in fertility work is ideal. Though the procedures are routine, trusting an expert is always a good idea. Don't cut corners by employing novices. The best assisted reproduction services will be able to help with this and all of your independent surrogacy needs.

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