Infant Hiccup Relief

Written by Amy Hall
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If your baby suffers from newborn colic, chances are you need to find some good infant hiccup relief. While the causes of colic are largely unknown, there are theories that lean towards the idea of an immature digestive system as the main culprit. Many doctors believe that when a newborn constantly exhibits colic symptoms, such as flatulence and hiccups, there is reason to believe that they are not able to digest formula and/or breast mild easily.

If you have noticed that your baby seems more agitated after eating, you might want to introduce some all natural remedies for colic that can help. ColicCalm gripe water really helps with excessive gas and provides infant hiccup relief, as it contains all natural ingredients that aid in digestion. Refined charcoal, ginger, and fennel are the main ingredients that help alleviate abdominal discomfort and excessive hiccuping.

Getting Infant Hiccup Relief

While it may seem unbearable taking care of a colicky baby, the good news is that your baby will outgrow it. That can seem like an eternity if you get little to no sleep every night. However, if you try some natural remedies that have been around for ages, you may be able to provide your baby with infant hiccup relief.

You can combine gripe water with water, formula, or breast milk if you prefer to administer it during feeding. Or you can simply use a dropper to give it to your baby before or after feeding, or whenever you notice him or her getting uncomfortable. Babies also derive relief from infant massage, as well as constant motion. You may find that holding your baby close to you as you walk around helps soothe him or her enormously.

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