Light Alarm Clock

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Everyone has had the experience of being startled out of a restful sleep by the jarring blare of an alarm clock buzzer or the obnoxious voice of a radio DJ. When waking up on time is a necessity, we suffer through the disturbance. Wouldn't it be nice, though, to wake up gradually and gently and still wake up on time? A light alarm clock allows us to do just that.

Benefits of a Light Alarm Clock

Light alarm clocks use the gradually increasing of intensity of light to wake us up. Instead of being awoken at the exact moment of a disturbing sound, the light brings us slowly to consciousness. These alarms work just like the sun creeping in through the window coverings. This is a far more relaxing way to wake in the morning.

Users of traditional alarm clocks often report that knowing they will be startled when they wake leads to sleeplessness and anxiety. Many people wake up before their alarm goes off simply to spare themselves the shock. This totally negates the purpose of an alarm clock--to allow you to wake when you need to, so that you get the most sleep possible. Waking up to a gradual light solves this problem.

Heavy sleepers may not believe that a light will wake them sufficiently. For those people, there are additional ways to ensure they wake up at the end of an alarm cycle. They can choose to have the light flash or have an alarm beep. The benefit of the gradual waking is still realized, however, because by the end of the alarm cycle even heavy sleepers are near consciousness. They may just need an extra push.

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