Marpac Sleepmate

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Sound conditioners are machines that produce white noise in order to create a soothing environment and to block out unwanted sounds nearby. The Marpac Sleepmate® has been around for a long time; it is highly rated and one of the most popular models of sound conditioners available in the marketplace even today. Perhaps it is so popular because it produces white noise mechanically and does not synthesize white noise.

The way the white noise is produced is important because when it is synthesized it is often played in a looping fashion. Although white noise itself is relatively indistinguishable, to those who are sensitive to sound, a looping pattern can become a distraction in and of itself. Because the Sleepmate® (also called the Sound Screen depending on who it is marketed to) produces the white noise through a series of mechanical operations, there is no looping pattern that emerges.

The Benefits of Using a Sound Conditioner

Insomnia is often induced by a sound sensitivity. When there is even the tiniest bit of noise that can be heard, some people concentrate on that noise and are unable to sleep. The noise may be the persistent hum of traffic, a neighbor's stereo, or even the call of birds outside the window. For those people, masking that sound means a good night's sleep.

Sound Conditioners like the Sleepmate® are small and very affordable. The Marpac model resembles a smoke detector and can be placed on a dresser or night stand in the bedroom. The volume of the white noise it produces can be adjusted, but it is important to know that louder does not necessarily mean better. The minimum amount of volume needed to block out other sounds is usually the best option.

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