Medical Colic Information

Written by Amy Hall
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Probably the best place to get medical colic information is through your pediatrician. If you suspect that your baby is suffering from infantile colic, your child's pediatrician can help you discover other possible causes of excessive crying, as well as give you the facts about colic. Once you know that your baby is not suffering from an allergy to his formula, you can move onto the prospects of colic.

Colic is defined as crying that lasts for three hours or more, for three or more days per week. It usually begins to show up in babies around two to four weeks of age, and can last until three to six months of age, and sometimes longer. Medical colic information is not definitive, because the causes of colic are still not known.

Getting Medical Colic Information

It is extremely upsetting for parents to watch their baby cry for hours on end. What is more distressing is not knowing what is causing it, or how to best treat the symptoms. Most medical colic information will suggest that the problems could be associated with an immature digestive system, and that a baby will outgrow this problem within a few months.

This, however, is not very comforting to parents who have spent countless nights walking around with a screaming baby. Parents and caregivers need to find a way to get time away each day, so that they can regroup and relax themselves. Colic is very overwhelming, and it can be a rough few months getting through it without the proper support.

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