Natural And Safe Colic Relief

Written by Amy Hall
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Most parents who are dealing with a infantile colic want natural and safe colic relief that works fast. Fortunately, there are some great colic remedies on the market today that fit the bill. For instance, you can try gripe water for colic, which contains only all-natural ingredients.

Baby Bliss and ColicCalm are two very popular brands. The major difference between the two liquid medications is that ColicCalm contains refined charcoal, which helps remove gases and toxins from the body naturally. ColicCalm also does not contain alcohol or sodium bicarbonate, nor does it contain any unnatural preservatives.

Natural and Safe Colic Relief that Works

If your baby suffers from colic, it is more important than ever for you to find natural and safe colic relief that works without any harmful side effects. The last thing you want to do is add to the situation with unwanted side effects. Ask your doctor before administering any medication, even all natural ones, to rule out any potential problems beforehand.

You may also want to try massage as a natural and safe colic relief remedy. Many babies can be soothed when they are massaged, especially when the belly is the focus. This helps move trapped gas in the intestines, which can cause significant cramping and bloating.

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