Natural Sleep Aids

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Insomnia is a condition that affects as many as one third of Americans. Sleeplessness can lead to emotional problems, physical problems, problems at work, and problems at home. Consequently, an insomniac will try almost anything for a good night's sleep.

Some people choose to use sleeping pills. Sleeping pills cause side effects, and can become addictive if abused. Being dependent on any drug is very unhealthy. Any doctor can tell you that sleeping pills should only be used on a temporary basis and even then only when absolutely necessary. They should also be used under the care of a physician, as overdosing can be lethal.

Natural Sleep Aids Are Safe and Effective

There are, however, alternatives to sleeping pills to help you sleep. Of course, there are the traditional home remedies such as a cup of warm milk of decaffeinated tea, taking a warm bath and, lest we forget, counting sheep. Most people who suffer from sleep problems have tried all of these things and more. When nothing seems to work, there is one more option.

Everyone knows how great it is to sleep when it is raining outside or how calming the sound of the ocean is on the beach. These are natural sounds that instinctively relax our bodies. Of course, not everyone lives by the beach; and there is nowhere in the world where it rains every night. So, the next best thing is a sound machine that can reproduce the sounds of nature that comfort us. Sleep sound machines have been proven to help improve relaxation in the sleepless. This is a safe and effective alternative to sleeping pills.

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