Numimed Colic Dispensers

Written by Amy Hall
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NumiMed colic dispensers are great because they allow you to see exactly how much medication your child is getting. In addition, they only hold one teaspoon of colic medication at a time, so you don't have to worry about excess air being sucked down along with the medication. This is vitally important if you are trying to provide infant hiccup relief to your baby.

Colic affects roughly 20% of babies, and the first signs of it usually become known between two and four weeks of age. Unfortunately, the causes of colic are unknown, so it can be difficult to know exactly how to treat it. However, there are natural remedies that seem to provide soothing comfort to many babies with infantile colic. NumiMedic colic dispensers can make it much easier for you to administer medication to your crying baby.

Get Help with NumiMedic Colic Dispensers

It can be challenging to get medicine into any baby, never mind a baby with colic. The best time to try to administer medicine is before your baby gets so worked up that he can not swallow because he is crying so hard. When you start to notice him getting fussy, grap your gripe water, as well as a NumiMedic colic dispenser, and give your baby the dosage that is suitable for his age.

You may also try massage techniques that focus in on the abdomen, as this helps move trapped gas along. Some babies also enjoy being swaddled tightly, while others prefer to be rocked or walked. It will probably take some trial and error before you figure out exactly what works for your baby. Let NumiMed colic dispensers help take the load off your shoulders.

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