Numimed Colic Relief

Written by Amy Hall
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NumiMed colic relief is simply a great way to administer liquid colic medications to your baby. NumiMed can hold only up to one teaspoon of medication, which means that there will be no excess air being sucked in by your baby. This is vitally important because if your baby suffers from infantile colic, chances are good that his stomach does not need any more air or gas added to it.

In addition, the NumiMed colic relief dispenser bypasses most of the taste buds, so the baby does not get much of a chance to spit up medications he finds yucky. The clear dispenser also lets you see just how much medication your baby has taken, so you are not left guessing. This is the perfect medication dispenser for use at home, at daycare, or on the go.

The Functional NumiMed Colic Relief Dispenser

It can be tricky getting colic remedies into your baby, especially if you can not get him to calm down long enough to swallow. The NumiMed colic relief dispenser truly makes that task so much easier, and it allows you to see just how much medication your baby has swallowed. This is so important because you don't want to give him more if he already swallowed enough.

Colic is tough on everyone involved, including other siblings in the family. There are some great natural remedies that really help alleviate symptoms that cause pain and distress. Don't suffer through colic alone, ask your doctor for some suggestions on helping your baby cope with the difficulty that colic brings.

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