Ovum Donation

Written by Will Baum
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Ovum donation allows women to help couples having difficulty becoming parents leap a giant hurdle. It was not long ago that something like ovum donation was completely inconceivable, even to people at the forefront of science. Today, a large variety of assisted reproduction processes are commonplace. Couples having trouble getting pregnant have more options today than ever before.

How Ovum Donation Works

Egg donors may be friends with the couple or may be completely anonymous. For the couple and the donor, decisions surrounding a technologically assisted pregnancy can be intense and difficult. The child that results from the process will have genes that are 50 percent his or her father's and 50 percent the donor's.

Genes account for more than just hair and eye color. Behavior, personality, and intelligence all spring from genes. "The acorn doesn't fall far from the oak," is the saying. Many couples choosing an anonymous egg donor like to know something about who the egg donor is even if they do not know her personally.

Some services guarantee a certain level of achievement attained by all their egg donors. They demand high test scores and high levels of academic achievement. This gives couples some reassurance; they don't want their baby to turn out to be a serial killer or an imbecile. Though screening is no guarantee of how a child will turn out, it gives couples the sense that they are taking every precaution that they can. The Internet is a great place to discover more about ovum donation and whether or not it is right for you.

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