Sleep Machines

Written by Christa Gatewood
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There are a number of different machines that aid in sleep on the market, and they operate on a number of different philosophies. Some machines address the sounds in the room. Some machines address the smells in the room. Still other machines address the humidity in the room. Some machines are multi-functional. All of these machines are designed to create the most relaxing environment possible for sleep.

Types of Sleep Machines Available

Most people can't sleep when there is a lot of noise in the room, but some people can't sleep when there is any distinguishable noise in the room. For these people, white noise machines are the only way to go. White noise masks other sounds making them impossible to focus on. This is an invaluable tool for sleeping for someone who lives in a noisy area or building or who is simply sensitive to sound.

Some people can't sleep when the air in the room is dry. They either have difficulty falling asleep or wake often in an uncomfortable state. Fountain misters are machines that emit cool moisture into the air much like a humidifier. These compact machines can help prevent waking with a sore throat or even a nosebleed.

Fountain misters are also multi-functional because some can become aromatic with the addition of essential oils or lemon juice to the water. Aromatherapy scents have been proven to be calming to the mind and body. Moreover, the delicate trickling of water as it turns from liquid to gas can also be extremely relaxing and promote sleep.

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