Sleep Sound Machines

Written by Christa Gatewood
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When a baby is born into a family, it instantly becomes the center of the family's world. Nothing can disrupt this world more than when the baby will not go to sleep at the appropriate time. Newborns rarely sleep all the way through the night, and parents are lucky to get them to sleep for six hours in a row. However, around the ages of three to six months, babies will most likely begin to sleep through the night on occasion. The trick is to get them to turn this occasional behavior into the norm.

There are many old wives tales and tried and true practices that claim to solve problems with baby sleep habits. Now there are a variety of products on the market that can help implement many of these practices in an easy and consistent way. Some of the most effective sleep aids on the market are sleep sound machines.

Types of Sleep Sound Machines

There are basically two types of sound machines that will help a baby fall asleep and stay asleep. The first type is the natural sound machine. These machines play a variety of natural sounds organic to baby's world to help create a secure environment for the child and to enhance the child's calm.

The second type of sleep sound machine is the white noise machine. Studies have shown that babies sleep better when exposed to white noise. Most parents, however, don't need a study to tell them this. Many parents find that running a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer will instantly calm a crying child. Parents have long known that putting a baby in a car and driving around will ease the baby to sleep. These are examples of the effect of white noise.

Why Sleep Sound Machines Work

It seems like a strange concept that a vacuum cleaner should soothe a child when it is an abrasive sound to adults. However, when you think of what a vacuum cleaner sound really is, it becomes obvious why a baby would like it. The sound of a vacuum cleaner is a consistent and monotonous noise much like the noises heard by a baby in the womb.

Just as a baby often curls itself into the fetal position it spent nine months in while in the womb, babies are often comforted by what they find familiar. The constancy of white noise mimics the sounds heard in the womb like the mother's heartbeat, gastrointestinal noises and even external sounds as heard through the amniotic sack. By simulating the sounds of the womb for a baby, the baby becomes more relaxed and eases into sleep.

Sleep Sound Machines for Everyone

Although the calming effects of sound machines on babies are quite pronounced, they are not only helpful sleep aids for babies. They are also effective for children and adults as well. We all know insomnia is not restricted only to babies.

White noise and natural sounds can mask some man-made noises that keep us awake. You may live on a busy street that causes a lot of traffic noise, or there may be a loud bar or restaurant nearby. If you live in an apartment building it may be the neighbors who are making the noise. Sleep sound machines are a proactive way to get a good night's sleep even in the worst circumstances.

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Very interesting. I wonder

Very interesting. I wonder if there had ever been a microphone inserted into a womb to record sounds as a baby would hear them.

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Probably done on the discovery channel.