Written by Christa Gatewood
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Mechanical white noise machines are the most popular white noise machines on the market. They create white noise using a motor in much the same way as a fan does. The Sleepmate® is the most popular of these and has been around for many years. It is the size of a large smoke detector and easily fits on a small table.

The white noise produced by the Sleepmate® can block out any noises that interfere with concentration, relaxation or sleep. It has been proven to help both children and adults fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. For those who live in apartments or attached condominiums, they are a must to block out the noise from neighbors on either side as well as the street noise.

Buying a Sleepmate® Sound Conditioner

Sound conditioners are not found in many stores as they are a specialty item. However, they are easily found and bought on the Internet. They make a great gift for a new parent, as they can be used to help both the baby and the parents sleep. Once they use it, they will not know what they did without it.

There are several kinds of white noise machines. Some are digital and play recordings of white noise in a looping fashion. For some this can be irritating once the ear picks out the loop pattern. The mechanical machines have been around the longest and have the best track record. They can be the most affordable of the white noise machines. The Sleepmate® can be found for less than $50.

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