Soleil Sun Alarm Clock

Written by Christa Gatewood
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The best sun alarm clocks incorporate multiple features into the design. The more features the clock has, the better it is suited to be customized to the owner's needs. The "Soleil Sun Alarm Clock" is a perfect example of this. Not only is it capable of a simulated dawn for waking purposes, it can also produce a simulated sunset.

Simulated sunsets are great for people with problems falling asleep. For reasons experts believe are related to evolution, our bodies are designed to tire as it becomes darker and wake when the light increases. Insomniacs and those with other sleep problems can benefit from gradually decreasing light in the room.

Multiple Features of Premium Sun Alarm Clocks

Those who use sun alarm clock swear by their restorative powers and often never return to traditional alarm clocks. However, having the features of a traditional alarm clock within a sun alarm clock can be useful. For heavy sleepers, a traditional alarm beeper can be set to go off at the end of a simulated dawn. Likewise, premium sun alarm clocks also have a built in AM/FM radio and snooze buttons.

Sun alarm clocks, however, can have even more useful features. For example, the Soleil Sun Alarm Clock® has a controller that allows you to plug in an external lamp or light box for an even brighter simulated dawn. In addition, there is a security feature that can be set to randomly turn on the light when the owner is away to make it appear as if someone is home. Premium sun alarm clocks are useful in many areas. They can be found for less than $80, and anyone who has tried one will agree they are worth much more.

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