Sound Conditioners

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Sound conditioners work to create an inviting sound landscape in a room. They block out unwanted sounds, while at the same time supplying soothing and relaxing sound of their own. They are not fad gadgets. Sound conditioners have been around for a long time and are recommended by physicians for sleeplessness and relaxation.

Sound conditioners use white noise to mask sounds that may be obnoxious, annoying, or simply distracting. Sounds like traffic noise, excessive honking, dogs barking, airport noise, loud music, or even nearby conversation can be extremely irritating. Whether you are trying to work, read, meditate or sleep, having a soothing sound environment is most desirable.

Buying Sound Conditioners

Sound conditioners are easily found on the Internet. For the benefit they provide to our health and well-being, they are remarkably affordable. Most sound conditioners are less than $100 depending on the features available. Although some nature sound machines can be found for around $20, these less expensive versions are not good for sound masking and are the equivalent of playing a nature sounds CD.

When deciding what kind of sound conditioner to buy, it is important to match a machine with its use. The mechanical white noise machines block out sound extremely well and are very popular, but they don't produce nature sounds. Some of the machines are designed specifically for infants and are recommended by physicians because of their womb and heartbeat sounds. Of course, the top of the line machines offer many of the features and are suitable for any need. Do a little research before you buy just to make sure the machine you choose meets your needs.

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