Sound Masking

Written by Christa Gatewood
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If you live in a cabin by yourself in the middle of the forest, then you probably have no need for sound masking. However, if you are like most people and you live with someone else or in an apartment building or on a busy street, you need it very much. In fact, it can be a sanity saver.

The most annoying thing in the world is trying to work, relax, or sleep when some uncontrollable noise is infiltrating your serenity. Loud music at three o'clock in the morning from your rude neighbor's apartment, the love of your life snoring his head off on the pillow beside you, emergency sirens driving by every 20 minutes--these are just a few of the sounds that can irritate you to high heaven.

Masking the Irritating Sounds in the World

White noise generators make it possible to block out all of the irritating sounds in the world and create your own personal sound bubble that you can relax in. These machines can be a lifesaver, or at least a sleep saver. Using a fan-like hum, white noise machines mask the unwanted sounds while producing a very pleasing sound. The bad sounds seem to disappear.

Sound masking can save a relationship in a number of different ways. For one, if one person snores, a white noise machine can make it possible for the other to get a good night's sleep. For two, new parents have such a wacky sleep schedule that it may be hard to even fall asleep. Sound machines will help what little sleep they do get to be quality sleep. Finally, nothing is more irritating than tossing and turning because your upstairs neighbor is throwing a rave while your partner is sleeping soundly and pleasantly beside you. After all, resentment breeds contempt.

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