Sun Light Alarm Clock

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Waking up to the rays of the sun creeping through your window is probably the most relaxing way to awake. The gradually increasing light of the sun into the room gradually arouses consciousness. We wake up refreshed. The only problem with waking this way is that the sun does not rise at our beck and call, and when you need to wake up at a specific time, this is impractical. Therefore, the only solution is to create an artificial sun that we can control.

Waking to a Sun Light Alarm Clock

Light alarm clocks use bright light to wake the sleeping instead of a blaring buzzer or radio. It is a far more relaxing way to wake. Some use a pulsing light to arouse attention and others employ the natural methods of the sun. Those in the latter group use a gradually increasing light. The length of the "sunrise" can be set from between 15 minutes to 120 minutes. This allows people to wake up over varying lengths of time.

Some sun alarm clocks also have a feature that can gradually decrease light like a sunset. This is a great feature for children as they may have some anxiety about falling asleep in the dark. It may also help those with sleep problems to relax and fall asleep easier.

During the winter when the days are shorter, some people experience what is known as "winter blues." This is when people feel more depressed and tired during the winter months. Sun light alarm clocks may help this condition by tricking the mind into thinking it is waking up when the sun is out. Waking up in the light instead of the dark can make a big difference to one's mood and well being.

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