Sunrise Alarm Clock

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a condition in which people are negatively affected by the shortening of days caused by the seasons. While many people feel less perky in the winter months, those with SAD are so affected that it disrupts their normal lives. Some symptoms of this disorder are oversleeping, overeating, depression, social problems, sluggishness, weakened immune system and others.

Using a Sunrise Alarm Clock for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Research has shown that a sunrise alarm clock can dramatically improve the effects of SAD. Sunrise alarm clocks use light that gradually increases in intensity to trigger the body's natural waking up process. Although technically unconscious, the body begins to gradually wake up with the growing light. By the end of the clock's cycle you fully awake to a warm, lighted room, rather than a dark, depressing room.

Waking up in a lighted room gradually, rather than being startled awake, makes a huge difference in mood, especially in SAD sufferers. They are alert and refreshed upon waking, and ready to attack the day. Moreover, the process is so gentle that it removes the anxiety caused by abrupt alarm sounds.

For those who suffer from SAD, it is important to establish a positive sleeping routine. Sleeping only at night can help with feelings of lethargy throughout the day. When you are gradually awoken, you are more energetic throughout the day. Moreover, the more energy you exert during the day the drowsier you will be at night. This can lead to the establishing of healthy sleep habits despite the short days.

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