Surrogacy Legal Information

Written by Will Baum
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Surrogacy legal information is extremely important to acquire when considering surrogacy. New technologies are constantly emerging in the field of surrogacy. With new technologies come new legal challenges and new laws. Keeping on top of the latest surrogacy legal information is essential for a smooth surrogacy experience.

Whether you are planning on finding a surrogate mother or becoming one, making solid legal agreements at the very beginning of the process prevents confusion and heartache later on. In many states, when there is more than one person who can claim to be the mother of a child, the intent of both at the beginning of the process determines the outcome of any legal challenges.

Agreements have to be drafted carefully to avoid this type of legal wrangling. Legal language has to be very clear on several fronts. In a well-written legal agreement, an egg donor or surrogate mother will relinquish maternal rights. So too will the spouse of the donor or surrogate. Good agreements make it clear to all parties that the intended parents are the only parents under the law. The intended parents are responsible in every way for the child that results from the donor or surrogacy situation, as if the child had born to them the low-tech, conventional way.

Get the Best Surrogacy Legal Information

As you start the surrogacy process, be sure to have the very best surrogacy legal information. Oftentimes, a top assisted reproduction organization will have an attorney closely associated with it to handle these complicated issues. You want to become a parent, not a headline. The Internet is a great place to find the assisted reproduction team that is right for you.

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