Surrogate Moms

Written by Will Baum
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Surrogate moms give the gift of life. They carry a child and they hand the child off to its parents. It is a tough, impressive, maybe even heroic job. Parents everywhere are grateful such people exist.

Surrogate Moms Create Families

Couples who can't have children on their own often fall apart in despair. The husband blames the wife; the wife blames the husband. They'd always pictured living together as a family. That's one of the primary reasons they got married. Then they learn they can't have children. Sometimes the tension and recriminations are too much. The marriage falls apart.

Sometimes the woman has had a hysterectomy. She was healthy and ready to have children, and then suddenly, a surprise diagnosis after a routine check-up: cancer. Cervical cancer is common and survivable. It is also devastating. A hysterectomy ends a woman's chances at becoming a mother. Or at least it used to. Today, surrogates can carry babies for these women. Before a hysterectomy, these women have eggs harvested. In vitro fertilization follows, but instead of implanting the fertilized egg into the mother herself, the embryo is implanted in a surrogate.

Surrogate moms go through pregnancy's joys and pains all for someone else. The morning sickness, the exhaustion, the back pain--all these sacrifices end up giving someone else the family they dreamed of. Even people who love being pregnant admit that it has its difficulties. Surrogate moms, whatever they are paid, make a great sacrifice for someone else's happiness.

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