Surrogate Mothers Online

Written by Will Baum
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Finding surrogate mothers online may sound impossibly futuristic. The concept of surrogate motherhood itself, though now completely commonplace, is more like something out of "The Matrix" than like something from a 19th century novel. As for finding surrogate mothers online, to previous generations it might seem like an absurd joke. Computers only started becoming a regular part of life in the late 1980s. An old-timer might ask, "Now they're raising our children?"

The answer is, of course, no. Computers do not make babies ... yet. But they can help couples make babies--particularly couples having trouble conceiving on their own. The Internet is filled with information about surrogacy, and, yes, finding surrogate mothers online is easier than you might think.

Guide to Finding Surrogate Mothers Online

Finding the right surrogate mother isn't simple. The woman who will be carrying your child has to be doing it for the right reasons. If she is not dedicated to helping you have the child you have always dreamed of, promises about behavior and booze and cigarettes can easily be forgotten.

Sometimes the best surrogate mothers are those who already have children of their own. These women know what it is to be pregnant. If they hated being pregnant, they wouldn't dream of becoming surrogates.

For some, pregnancy is a terrifying ordeal. Morning sickness, weight gain, and back pain are just a beginning to what many women go through. For others, pregnancy is a joy. It is physically and spiritually uplifting. For those who enjoy pregnancy, it is the prospect of not ever being pregnant again that is terrifying. When finding surrogate mothers online, these are the women you are looking for.

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