Surrogate Pregnancy

Written by Will Baum
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Surrogate pregnancy gives couples who can't conceive a child on their own a chance to live their dream of becoming parents. Using in vitro fertilization (IVF), the egg and sperm of the couple are brought together and the fertilized egg is implanted in a surrogate. Surrogate pregnancy utilizes up-to-the-minute medical advances to do the most natural thing in the world, help create a baby.

Surrogate Pregnancy's Gifts

Without surrogate pregnancy, many couples would never become parents at all. They would miss everything that parenthood entails, the good and the bad. New parents endure sleeplessness and screaming as the infant adjusts to the new world. They also have a unique new way to see the world, through the eyes of an adored child.

Infants are used to the soothing, cramped, liquid environment of the womb. Dr. Harvey Karp has become something of a sensation to new parents by presenting guidelines about how to make the new arrival feel at home. His system suggests using the "five s's": swaddling, side-lying, shushing, swinging, and sucking. Parents will do anything to calm a screaming baby in the middle of the night.

With newborns, every little development seems like a huge milestone. First eye contact, first cooing, first night without waking up every hour--all are cherished moments to new parents. Without surrogate mothers willing to sacrifice a bit of themselves to help couples conceive a child, none of this will be experienced. The Internet is a great place to find experts adept at handling all the issues that arise with surrogacy--legal, psychological, and medical.

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