Surrogate Services

Written by Will Baum
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Surrogate services help couples and surrogates find each other and work their way through the surrogacy process. Surrogacy is both simple and complex. The concept is simple. A woman other than the mother of a child carries a child created from the sperm and egg of others to term. It's easy as that. The surrounding legal and medical processes are complex. Finding top-quality surrogate services is essential.

Surrogate Services Make it Easy

The best surrogate services handle all aspects of surrogacy. They have psychologists on staff to help counsel couples and surrogates. They have attorneys who are expert in fertility law to assist with contracts and agreements. They have teams of doctors to perform the actual procedure.

Psychological counseling and screening are an important first step before entering a surrogacy agreement. The scenario everyone wants to avoid is the one in which the woman who has carried the child grows so attached to the child that she wants to continue being involved in the child's upbringing. Screening for emotional stability is key. Of course, screening for health problems is also a standard part of the surrogacy process.

If contracts are written properly, even if the surrogate does try to fight for rights to the child, the parents are protected. Different states have different approaches to these court battles. Courts in California are known for paying close attention to agreements signed at the beginning of a surrogacy arrangement. Once you get to a clinic to have the procedure performed, all of these worries will behind you. It will now be the time you've hoped for--time to paint the nursery.

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