Tinnitus Masking

Written by Christa Gatewood
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What is tinnitus? Tinnitus is what most people refer to as ringing in the ears. It is the medical term for ear or head noise. This condition is very common, affecting nearly 36,000,000 Americans. The noise can vary greatly in frequency and intensity, and it can either come and go or be heard constantly. Constant tinnitus can be extremely distracting and frustrating and lead to social problems and depression.

There are no specific treatments for tinnitus unless it is linked to another disorder. If an otolaryngologist is unable to discover a specific cause of the tinnitus, such as a build up of wax in the ear canal, you may have to live with the problem indefinitely. This can be a daunting prospect, but there are products available that can help you cope.

How to Mask Persistent Tinnitus Inexpensively

Ear noise is usually most distracting when you are sitting in a quiet room. Without the benefit of other sounds to focus on, the tinnitus can become unbearable. This is most problematic at bedtime when too many noises will make it impossible to sleep. The best option in this situation is to try to mask the tinnitus. White noise is the best mask for tinnitus because it combines all frequencies of sound and competes with whatever frequency your particular tinnitus is at.

White noise generators can be bought fairly inexpensively online. They are small machines that can be put on a dresser or bedside table. They produce white noise either mechanically, like a fan, or digitally. These are a great way to fall asleep with tinnitus because although the machine makes noise, the noise is pleasant and relaxing and will aid in sleep with or without tinnitus.

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