White Noise Generators

Written by Christa Gatewood
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White noise is analogous to white light. White light at its core is composed of all frequencies of light. That's why when you pass white light through a prism you can see all the colors of the rainbow. Likewise, white noise is when frequencies of sound across a band are at the same intensity. White noise has the unique capability of masking other sounds no matter what the frequency.

Understanding White Noise

The concept of white noise can be hard to understand. This analogy is a helpful explanation. Imagine you are trying to sleep on a quiet night. One leaky faucet drips audibly. You fixate on the dripping sound and are unable to sleep. Add another leaky faucet to the mix and you will be able to distinguish the two dripping patterns. Add still another and you will still be distracted by the sound. However, if it starts to rain outside, the equivalent of millions of leaky faucets, the one faucet inside the house will begin to blend into the others. Eventually, you will not hear it at all and drift off to sleep.

Most people will agree that some of the best sleep is had when it is raining outside. That is because of the white noise effect. The rain blocks out any other noise that might keep us awake. Moreover, the white noise itself is calming. There are machines on the market that generate white noise at the touch of a button.

White noise generators are very popular sleep aids. For those who live in noisy homes they are a must. Creating a calming environment or indistinguishable sound is the key to a restful sleep.

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