White Noise Machines

Written by Christa Gatewood
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White noise machines are used to mask all kinds of unwanted sounds. They are helpful in sleeping, relaxing or concentrating. People of all ages swear by their calming quality and their benefits have been used for years. Most who use white noise machines find they are addicted to the good night's sleep that results. There are two kinds of white noise machines. One kind produces white noise mechanically. The other kind produces white noise digitally.

Types of White Noise Machines

Mechanical sound machines are usually the top-rated machines, because they produce white noise much like a fan. The sound is organic to the machine and plays constantly. They produce the white noise with a motor just as a fan does, but since there are no blades, no air is blown from the machine.

The other kind of white noise machine plays the recording of white noise or synthesizes white noise digitally. These machines can be less expensive as they are somewhat less premium. When a machine is playing a recording, the sound is often played in a repetitive loop. Although the designers try to match the end of the loop with the beginning of the loop, a difficult task, discriminating listeners can hear a pattern emerge. This can be distracting and irritating to some and actually hinder sleep rather than aid it.

Machines that play a synthesized white noise often have no looping. These machines create sounds like rain and surf that can be quite natural. These machines, though not mechanical, can be quite high end.

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