Zen Alarm Clock

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Waking up at a precise time is a necessity for most people. However, being startled awake by the sound of a blaring radio or an annoying buzzer is no treat. Most people would rather wake up gradually, but are afraid to trust their own body clocks. The fact is, it isn't an either/or proposition. Zen alarm clocks offer the best of both worlds. You can wake at a desired time, but you will still wake gradually.

Zen Alarm Clocks Wake You Up Gradually

A zen alarm clock operates on the same principle of a traditional alarm clock. You can set the clock to wake you up at a specific time. However, when the alarm is activated, rather than setting off an obnoxious sound like a buzzer, the zen alarm clock strikes a Tibetan bell-like chime one time. The chime reverberates for almost a minute growing quieter until it is silent. A few minutes later the chime is struck again. Over the course of 10 minutes the chime is heard more frequently until only a few seconds separate the chimes. It will continue until it is shut off.

This is a far more natural way to wake up than being shocked awake. Your body is allowed to gradually reach consciousness. When it does, it feels refreshed, energetic and ready to get out of bed. With traditional alarm clocks the first instinct is to hit the snooze button and roll back over.

Another use for the zen alarm clock is to signal the end of a meeting, class, or meditation session. The first chime can operate as a warning that time is running out. The chime is not intrusive and would not disrupt anyone's concentration.

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