Alternative Medicines And Back Pain

Written by Norene Anderson
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Alternative medicines and back pain have been the focus of many independent research projects. As more people prefer to have natural products for healthcare, the practitioners for alternative care provide a wide selection of choices. The treatment plans are centered on the idea that the body heals itself.

Many herbs and natural supplements are used to alleviate back pain. Some nations have a health agency with the responsibility of reviewing the toxicology, chemical analysis, and pharmacology of herbal medicines. These reports are very supportive of the efficacy of various herbs.

Choice Alternative Medicines and Back Pain

One of the herbs in the focus study is capsaicin (cayenne pepper). It is reported to be effective in the treatment of low back pain and peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy affects the nerves that go to the hands and feet. This can be a result of injury to the spinal nerves. Using capsaicin requires persistence in the initial treatment. More burning may be experienced after the initial use. It may require several weeks of three to four applications daily before results are noted.

A combination of aromatherapy herbs and beads is effective for relaxing and healing. This can be purchased in the form of a relief pack. For a warm relaxing pack, heat it in the microwave according to the manufacturer's directions. For ice therapy, freeze it and use on the affected area.

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