Back Pain Treatments

Written by Norene Anderson
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Back pain treatments will vary according to the cause of the pain. The first thing many people will do for back pain is to stop all activity and go to bed. While this may be prescribed for a brief period, bed rest is generally not recommended. It is important to stop your normal level of physical activity for a few days and give your body time to calm down, but moderate activity will help keep the body mobile.

Applying ice for the first 48-72 hours for two or three times a day may be needed to reduce the swelling around the spinal column. This lowers the pressure on the nerve endings. After two or three days of ice packs, applying heat may bring relief. Medications or supplements to reduce the inflammation will often speed the recovery from acute pain. After the pain level is reduced, gradually return to your normal level of exercise and daily activities.

Back Pain Treatments with Results

Some conditions can be treated or avoided altogether by some simple lifestyle changes. For instance, the chances of getting osteoporosis can be almost eliminated with the proper intake of calcium, a healthy lifestyle (no smoking), and weight-bearing exercise. If you have been diagnosed with bone loss, there are many excellent supplements that will help.

Weight loss and strengthening the abdominal muscles are two treatments for back pain regardless of the source. When any kind of strain is placed on the lower back, it can lead to pain. Even with the intense pain of a herniated disc, it is often recommended to follow strict nutritional guidelines and an exercise program. The exercises should be designed specifically for back injury patients in order to strengthen the back and abdomen and not cause further damage.

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