Bad Posture

Written by Josh Dodes
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For generations, bad posture was more a matter of etiquette and aesthetics than health. In today's increasingly computer-intensive culture, however, that could not be further from the case. In fact, as astonishing as it may seem, bad posture may be one of the most pernicious dangers in today's workplaces and homes.

In the past, of course, individuals routinely faced the risks associated with more vigorous physical labor on a day-to-day basis. Ironically, however, we have replaced the risk of overexertion with something more akin to its opposite. Now that millions of us can productively spend entire days or evenings simply sitting in one position at a computer, we face risks our forebears likely could not have imagined.

Why Bad Posture Matters

Improper posture matters because of the relentlessness with which we tax the same muscles and joints, hour after hour and day after day. While inherently low-level, these pressures can have a devastating cumulative effect if we do not take active steps to protect ourselves. Thanks to the expert guidance and innovative posture exercises recently developed and introduced by a handful of top exercise physiologists, that is now easier and more affordable than ever before.

With solutions so effective now so close at hand, there is no longer any reason to wait. Take the time to educate yourself about the importance of correct posture, and you will never regret having done so. Decisions you make today can positively impact your well-being for years to come.

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