Written by Tara Peris
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Biofreeze is a specific type of topical analgesic drug designed to alleviate pain. Its patented formula relies on cryotherapy, or "the cold method," to produce quick treatment results for a variety of musculoskeletal ailments. Increasingly, it has been used to assist with acute sports injuries and exercise-related illnesses. Specifically, Biofreeze can help relieve back and neck pain, sore muscles, joint pain, sprains, arthritis, and hip or knee pain.

Biofreeze is great for treating sports injuries, of the type characterized by inflammation and swelling. Cold treatments are best for these types of injuries because they constrict the blood vessels, thereby making the bleeding and swelling stop. You can achieve several hours worth of pain relief with one application.

Why Biofreeze Is an Efficient Treatment

Biofreeze was developed by a chemist using herbs and extracts from South America, and it is now used the world over by sports medicine doctors and rehabilitation specialists. It contains Ilex, a derivative of the South American holly bush. Its fast-acting, topical application makes it the ideal preparation for these types of procedures. Muscles that are free of pain will heal faster.

Specifically, Biofreeze works by cooling the affected area (to decrease the pain) and increasing bloodflow. Once the bloodflow is increased, normal, natural healing is promoted. Injured muscles and tissue will actually heal faster through the use of Biofreeze. This medication can only be purchased through specialized vendors, including online vendors.

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