Chiropractic Equipment

Written by Tara Peris
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As both small and large providers know, chiropractic equipment is quite expensive; as a result, finding a quality source of used equipment can make or break your bottom line. Whether your business is just getting off the ground or is already established and thinking of expanding, consider the benefits of purchasing used chiropractic tables from a quality online source. There are quality brands available online, including Flexion, Lloyd, and Hill Laboratories. Oftentimes, procurement staff get locked into purchasing brand new equipment simply because that's the way it's always been done, especially at larger practices. However, the incredible prices and bargains that can be found are worth a few moments of your time.

As Chiropractic Care Expands, So Too Does the Available Equipment

Chiropractic care has become overwhelmingly popular as a form of treatment for Americans of all ages. More and more chiropractic offices are opening all over the country. In fact, the number of practicing chiropractors is projected to double in about five years (to over 100,000). This increase is far higher than the one projected for medical doctors.

Early in 2005, Medicare announced the details of a new project that will give increased access to chiropractic services to senior citizens. If this program is successful (it has a testing phase of two years scheduled), the number of chiropractic offices will further increase. So what does all this mean in terms of chiropractic equipment? It means that there is going to be an increase in demand for quality equipment at prices that new and expanding practices can afford.

A fully-stocked chiropractic office needs tables, anatomical charts, balance trainers, traction systems, diagnostic equipment, electrodes, and more. The shopping list is enormous, and big-ticket items like brand-new tables can run anywhere from a thousand to fifteen thousand dollars. Because of these high price tags, smaller practices may think they need to skimp on tables or purchase models with fewer features than they'd like, just to keep from falling into the red. The good news is that this simply isn't true.

What Kinds of Savings Are Available When You Purchase Online?

Let's assume that your practice is willing to purchase used tables. If the particular model you're looking at purchasing is, for example, the Lloyd Galaxy 900HS, you're looking at a price tag that, including tax, is pushing $15,000. That's without adding in any accessories, such as replacement or snap-on covers. Now, when conducting a search for the same table through vendors of used chiropractic equipment, you can see that you can drop the base price for the same chair down to around $8,500. That's quite a difference.

Good online vendors know that your time is valuable--you don't have hours on end to conduct endless price checks. When searching for a vendor, look for one that offers price quotes via email. Look for a vendor that also offers supplies, too--one-stop shopping is the name of the game. A vendor's site should be easily navigable, with multiple ways to find what you need. Can you search by product category as well as by manufacturer? Is there an operator online who can answer your questions? Do they offer financing, leases, and loans to help you purchase the equipment you need?

Qualities to Look for in an Equipment Vendor

In addition to the quality of equipment offered by a vendor, you should also take a look at the integrity of the vendor themselves. You should only deal with providers who have been in the business for years. Chiropractic equipment is not a cut-and-dried field--you'll need to feel confident asking questions of your vendor, and trusting the opinions and advice you receive.

Lastly, you should look for a vendor that understands how the equipment works. Do they understand which tables work with which techniques? How willing is the vendor to work within your budgetary requirements? If you're in the market for a stationary Zenith table with a budget of $2,000 and the vendor you're working with tries to convince you to purchase a Zenith HyloTable 440 for $10,000, there's going to be a problem. Finding a quality vendor is more important than you think because should any problems occur or returns or exchanges become necessary, you need to trust your vendor to give you fast, accurate, and helpful service.

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