E Stim

Written by Tara Peris
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E stim is commonly used to treat pain conditions of all kinds, and the benefits might not stop there. In recent years, scientific research has begun to hint at the fact that e stim might also be useful in treating depression and substance abuse. These benefits aren't widely accepted as of yet, but the initial results have been promising.

The traditional use of an e stim unit is for treating chronic pain. By placing the electrodes of an e stim machine on or near the areas of pain, a patient can often experience a reduction of pain in minutes. Some patients may need multiple sessions before experiencing pain reduction, but the method of treatment overall is generally quite successful.

Types of E Stim Units on the Market and Their Uses

The types of e stim units on the market vary. You can purchase units that are designed for e stim only, or those that also have the capability for ultrasound, high voltage stimulation, and low voltage DC galvanic. These units are called combo units, because they combine e stim and ultrasound in one unit. Some ultrasound units have the capability of becoming a combo unit by installing one lead of the e stim unit into them. One such system, for example, is the newest model by Chattanooga--it's a modular design to which you can add extra channels of e stim. You can also add the ultrasound after the initial purchase.

It's also a good idea to look for a machine with good safety features. Some systems come with built-in alarms that will remain on the lookout for an improper connection with the power source or for a damaged cable. If the alarm system detects either of these conditions, it will shut the unit down to avoid any chance of harm coming to the doctor or the patient. All these units are FDA controlled and you must be a doctor or have a prescription from a doctor to order these units.

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