Electrode Pads

Written by Tara Peris
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Electrode pads allow for the safe and easy administration of electrical current. This current or pulse can be used to treat a variety of conditions, and is highly effective in the treatment of chronic pain. Although individual results will vary, most people can expect a reduction in pain severity and frequency. Some patients will only need a session of 30 minutes to feel pain begin to dissipate, while others may need extensive sessions of an hour or more, just to feel a couple hours of relief afterwards.

Electrode pads are designed to allow electrical current to flow through the skin in a safe and easy manner. The pads should never go directly on the pain source, but rather, should be placed on either side of it.

Electrode Position Should Vary

It is important to evaluate the skin area where the electrodes will be applied. Electrotherapy itself doesn't hurt and doesn't produce side effects; however, it is possible to irritate a patient's skin if you select an area that is vulnerable or tender. Clean the skin thoroughly before placing the pad on the skin.

In some cases, you may want to apply a gel to prevent skin irritation from the pads. If a patient's skin is very sensitive, even placing the pads in different areas may not help--this is why you'll need to keep gel on hand. At other times, it may be helpful to tape the pads down with medical tape so as to allow for free movement during therapy.

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