Exercises For Better Posture

Written by Josh Dodes
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Does the concept of exercises for better posture bring to mind archaic images of finishing schools and students with books on their heads? You are not alone. Until recently, posture exercises were indeed largely associated with issues of etiquette and aesthetics. But in a workplace culture increasingly based around sedentary workers virtually living in their cubicles, posture has taken on an entirely new, and more health-related, set of meanings.

As with so many elements of modern life, the progress that has allowed so many of us to spend hours on end without having to get up brings with it a new, more serious group of concerns. As anyone who has spent several hours in a row sitting in the same position can attest, doing so is far more difficult and painful than it might appear. In fact, the cumulative damage brought about relentless low-level pressure on the same joints hour after hour can be every bit as serious as the damage caused by relentless physical motion.

Important New Exercises for Better Posture

Happily, expert physiologists have risen to this peculiarly modern challenge with remarkable success. Offering techniques and exercises for better posture that can be incorporated into even the most stressful day, these experts have made it possible for workers to alleviate tensions and stresses many of us are not even aware that we are suffering. That means that if you know where to look, a more relaxed, tension-free tomorrow can be yours today.

Who ever thought that our parents' admonition to "sit up straight" would end up coming back to haunt us? Take the time to educate yourself about how to improve your body mechanics, and you will never have to listen to your parents, or anyone else, tell you that they "told you so." For smart and careful workers, a tension- and pain-free future awaits.

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